Nissan Leaf. A Drive Green Overview

Nissan Leaf. A Drive Green Overview

When it comes to the EV technology, the Nissan Leaf is the most tried and tested available, with over 250,000 cars sold worldwide.

At Drive Green, we try to provide a variety of the different specs offered by Nissan. The most important notably, we will make sure your car has rapid charge potential with the ability to gain 80% charge in thirty minutes.

Trim Levels

Nissan Leaf Tekna Interior 2

There are three trim levels for Nissan Leaf. Visia (basic) and then Acenta and Tekna.

The Acenta is a great spec, with a black suede effect interior. The 7 inch infotainment screen houses a sat nav, car information, audio controls, and a full colour reversing camera. The Acenta has more useful features than the base spec Visia. It comes with remote app control, allowing you to program the charge timing and climate control systems for the car remotely.

One of the most useful features of the Leaf Acenta model is the “B Drive” mode which enhances the regenerative braking. This not only extends the vehicles range but also allows you to adapt to a more one footed driving style as the vehicle slows noticeably when you lift off the throttle.

The Tekna version is the top trim level of the Nissan Leaf. It comes with all of the most important extras: normally a 6.6kW onboard fast charger, rapid charging capabilities, heat pump, and upgraded interior.

The Tekna has a full leather interior, heated front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel. A Tekna model will get you to your destination in comfort with its advanced sat-nav, Bluetooth enabled audio system, and Bose sound system with 7 speakers and subwoofer.

We will help set you up with the Nissan Leaf app before you leave us. This app will help you to monitor and control your new car remotely. Using remote heating you can enjoy getting in to a nice, warm, defrosted car in the middle of winter whilst your neighbours scrape their windows.

All Nissan Leafs are easy to drive and park, this model makes parking even easier with its 360 degree cameras and the “Follow me Home” LED headlights which help illuminate your charging point in the dark.

Power and Driving

In all Nissan Leafs, the 80kW motor provides great power and acceleration around town and has enough punch to overtake traffic on faster roads. It is a very comfortable place to be with a supple ride, and almost completely silent drivetrain.

The Nissan Leaf steers well with light and nimble steering for parking and around town. You never feel disconnected from the driving experience and with practice may be able to master one pedal driving for most of your use.


This Nissan Leaf comes with a 5 year warranty on the electric drivetrain including the battery and motor. The rest of the car is covered under a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Nissan also include free roadside assistance if you choose to have your car serviced at a franchised Nissan dealer.

The Nissan Leaf can come with a continuously guaranteed, leased battery with fixed monthly repayments. The purchase cost of the vehicle will be lower and it can prove to be a good financial decision if you cover a large number of miles. If you are interested in purchasing a leased battery Leaf, this is something we can discuss with you and arrange if necessary.

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