At 2p per mile Electric Cars have undeniably lower running costs

“They are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, and faster than you might think.” (Sunday Times)

One of the key benefits of electric car driving over traditional combustion engine vehicles is their undeniably much lower running costs.

Using a typical example of a Nissan Leaf versus an economical 2l Ford Focus, the running cost of the electric car are less than 10% of its ICE counterpart.

Based upon a very typical 25 mile commute and 10,000 miles driving per year, you could save £1250 in fuel costs (2p per mile with economy 7 charging, compared to 14p per mile in petrol), £280 in road tax, and an average of £200 pa in maintaininace costs (based on recent Warranty Direct figures.)

The total annual saving from driving electric based on this example is £1680 per annum.

“Electric car driving can save the typical driver almost £2000 in costs pa.”

If you drive in London the savings possible are staggering with the toxic car and congestion charge taking the daily cost for a non-electric vehicles now up to £21.50 per day.

If you get paid mileage by your work there is an opportunity to actually make money from your electric car.  If you were to do 5000 chargeable miles for example and get paid a rate of 40p per mile, that is 38p per mile profit which is an extra £2000 pa.

“If you get paid mileage by your work there is the chance to make money from your car.”

There. can be no doubt that an Electric vehicle is enormously cheaper to run than its petrol or diesel counterparts.