Renault Zoe – A Drive Green Review

Renault Zoe – A Drive Green Review

The Renault Zoe has become an iconic electric car over recent years. It was Europe’s best selling EV in 2015 and 2016 due to its sleek design and approachable pricing model.

At Drive Green we like the Zoe as it represents an affordable entry point in to electric car ownership. The battery lease arrangement on most Renault Zoes saves around £5000 on the purchase price of the car in exchange for a monthly battery rental fee starting from £49 per month.

This means Renault Zoes can be picked up from as little as £6500 and come with zero road tax, minimal servicing, and incredibly low running costs.

The Zoe has been designed to offer all the benefits of a modern supermini. The short wheelbase and low centre of gravity endow the Zoe with good handling capabilities and a sense of agility. There is ample torque from the 65kW motor allowing for quick getaways from city side streets and a continued push useful for A roads and motorways.

There is a decent sized boot on the Zoe for a car in this class. With 338 litres the storage space is actually 38 litres bigger than the equivalent Clio. If you are regularly carrying passengers and luggage then the Zoe is a much more practical car than the Volkswagen e-Up!

The Zoe is a very approachable electric car and we find that it is always well received. We see Zoes used as private cars, pool cars, driving instruction vehicles, and even police cars. We try to keep Renault Zoes in stock at drive green as we like to demonstrate the full range of electric cars available on the used car market.

If you would like to come test drive a Renault Zoe, get in contact with us now to book in an appointment