Mitsubishi i-Miev – An Owners Review

Mitsubishi i-Miev – An Owners Review

An Email from an i-Miev Owner

We recieved this email from a satisfied i-Miev owner and decided to share it with you

Dear Andy

“We bought our Mitsubishi electric i-Miev for £12,500 on 20 Nov 2013 with 1,600 miles on the clock.  On 17 Nov 2017 the mileage was 49,500 miles.

Here is some data for the whole 4 year period:  Electricity used (estimated) 12,850 kWh; Service, maintenance and MOT £1,345; Insurance £1,200;  Depreciation (estimated) £8,500.

I calculate the running cost, including depreciation, over the 4 year period to be 27 pence per mile. This last year it has cost us 19p per mile.  I challenge any internal combustion engine car to beat that.

We use the i-Miev as a run-around car but we have found to our surprise that the we do roughly 2/3rds of all our vehicle miles in it. This year I reckon the electric car has saved us £2,100 over the cost of doing the same mileage in our two other ICE vehicles.

The battery range is currently 55 miles with the heater on and 75 miles with it off.  We charge it at home on a normal 13 Amp socket.

The 4-year CO2 savings I calculate to be around 10.5 tonnes (nb we are with Ecotricity and have a solar PV roof so our electricity has minimal CO2 emissions).

We love driving this car and it has been a winner for us in all respects.”