Electric Cars – all you need to know – 12 Reasons to Go Electric

Electric Cars – all you need to know – 12 Reasons to Go Electric

Electric Cars – More than Just a Green Technology

We are a specialist used electric cars business based in Somerset, just south of Bristol, and we are trying to promote the many positives to greener, electric vehicle driving.

Originally a Green Technology company we decided to add Electric cars to the mix of other green and renewable energy technologies we promote – if you are trying to adopt a greener lifestyle, then an Electric Car should certainly be in the mix.

“Electric car ownership is the most approachable green technology to adopt since we all need a car.”

We have in fact found that for many household electric car ownership is the logical and most approachable first step towards a greener lifestyle, since their carbon reduction achievable is so large, and as it is a technology that everyone can adopt simply, as everyone already has or needs to drive a car.

Changing your Diesel or petrol car for an Electric car can in fact be your first step towards a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

The green credentials of an electric car however is only the beginning and there are loads of other reasons why switching to and electric car may be the best decision you make.

“The green credentials of an electric car is only the beginning as there are loads of other reasons to switch to an electric car.”

Why Choose to Go Electric:

12 reasons to switch to an Electric Car:

1. Zero Emissions

No combustion engine and no petrol or diesel, means less pollution in terms of both carbon and particulate emissions. If charged by renewable energy such as your domestic solar pv system or via green energy provider such as Ecotricity the carbon and emissions cost of your driving will be zero – true green driving. If charging your EV using electricity from the average uk power-station energy mix its carbon cost per km would be less than a quarter of even the most economical of combustion engine cars (Michael Boxwell well to wheel calculations.)

2. Lower Running Costs

One of the key benefits of electric car driving over traditional combustion engine vehicles is their undeniably much lower running costs. The fuel cost of a typical car ranges from 10p – 20p per mile (Money Saving Expert), however to charge your electric car costs only 3p per mile (2p per mile of you are charging on an economy 7 tariff).

EXAMPLE – Based upon a very typical 25 mile commute and 10,000 miles driving per year, you could save £1200 in fuel costs (2p per mile with economy 7 charging, compared to a typical 14p per mile in petrol / Diesel), £280 in road tax, and an average of £200 pa in maintaininace costs (based on Warranty Direct figures.) The total annual saving from driving electric based on this example is £1680 per annum.

3. Zero Tax

Need we say more when tax on some diesel cars is as high as £800pa

4. Congestion Charge Exempt

Electric cars have zero emissions and therefore are exempt from the Congestions Charge and Toxic Air Charge in London, currently totally £21.50 per day. As such charges are rolled out in other major cities this will become a relevant saving even in your local city.

5. Lower Maintenance Costs

No combustion engine means far less moving parts and much less to go wrong. An electric car has only a few moving parts rather than a few hundred, and no combustion and the stress that causes on components. Mechanically there is nothing really to go wrong in the first 300k+ miles.

This partly why Drive Green will try to recommend pure electric vehicles as opposed to hybrids.

6. Minimal Servicing

As there are so few moving parts, no oil, no combustion, etc., an EV service is a simple system check with only cabin filters and brake fluid needing to be changed as part of its standard servicing schedule. Also due to the regenerative braking (the car uses its motor to brake) brake pads will last 3 times as long as they would on a conventional car, and even tyre wear is greatly reduced.

7. Better Performance

Most people are very surprised to hear that an electric car easily outperforms a typical combustion engine car, with startling effortless acceleration. Incredible acceleration is not just limited to the record holding high end Tesla’s, which are much faster than any petrol supercar, but even the highly practical and family suitable Nissan Leaf can effortlessly and silently zoom past other cars from a standing start, with a 3 second 0-30 time comparable to a Focus ST.  The BMW i3 at 4.1 seconds is faster 0-50 than a BMW M4.  Plus in reality they feel much faster than even the figures suggest, due to effortless and silent foot to the floor acceleration you would never do with a traditional ICE car.

8. Greater Reliability

There is nothing to go wrong. Far less moving parts, no combustion, and super robust batteries and electric motors that have proven themselves bullet proof even at very high miles. No engine, no gearbox, no clutch, no cam belt, no radiator, no starter motor, etc, – all those bits you are used to failing on previous cars.

9. Smoother, Quieter Driving

As there is no gearbox the driving experience is smooth and effortless. With the cars regenerative braking meaning you are often just one peddle driving, it makes for a very relaxing and effortless commute, with the EV encouraging a smoother well planned driving style, that is now even leading to lower electric car insurance costs.

10. Unlimited Potential Driving Range

With a little planning and the occasional stop, it is possible for the EV to drive anywhere and as far as you like. In the UK we have perhaps the best charging infrastructure in the world, with 1 public charge point for every 6 electric cars currently on the road.  With rapid chargers at every service station it is possible to easily travel as far as you like in an EV. Most electric cars have over an 80 mile range from a single charge, so if you daily commute is less than this they are ideal and mean you never need to stop to re-fuel ever again.  Most are also capable of a full Rapid charge in under 30 minutes, meaning with short pre-planned motorway service stops their range is unlimited for the occasional longer journey.

11. Quick Charging Times

Most cars are charged at home over night, however most EV’s are capable of rapid charging, meaning that they are capable of fully charging a 70-90 mile range in about 30 minutes at a public rapid charger.

Our Public Charging Guide helps explain more about charging on the road

12. Climate Control

Unlike an ICE car an EV does not require a running engine to generate heat. As a result it is possible to remotely programme your car to pre-heat in winter, meaning that before you get into it to drive to work, it is fully defrosted and toasty warm – no more ice scraping again.  This can all be done without unlocking the car or leaving it running – it just does it.

Electric Car Growth Trends

There are plenty of reason to switch to driving a greener Electric Car, and in the last few years we have seen an incredible increase in EV ownership, with this growth predicted to exponentially increase.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have recorded an 800% increase in electric car registrations in the last 3 years, with 3% of all new vehicle registrations being for an EV, totally 2% of all cars on the road presently.

The UK Committee on Climate Change forecast a 1000% increase in EV ownership over the next 2 years, leading to 1.2 million electric cars on our roads by 2020, which is 13% of all cars on the road.

A 1000% increase in Electric Car ownership is predicted over the next 2 years

The results of a recent AA survey were released at the end of 2017 shows the pace of change towards EV driving over the coming years will be quite dramatic, and perhaps even greater than currently forecast. Overall a third of all AA members surveyed aim to switch from diesel and petrol for their next car purchase, according to a survey of 19,308 drivers.

“A third of AA members surveyed plan to switch from petrol and diesel for their next car.”

The drive towards Electric car ownership is no doubt being driven by consumer awareness of sustainability, pollution, and green issues, however it is also going to be increasingly driven by governmental legislation. Countries like the UK and France are pledging to ban new combustion engine cars by 2040, and countries such as India and Germany are planning to have achieved this just over a decade.

Nationwide plans by city councils to introduce congestion and toxic air charges and emission free zones, similar to London, will also push consumers towards greener electric driving.  Many UK cities (such as Bristol, Birmingham and Oxford already have plans to ban new diesel busses and taxis from city centres in 2019, with wider motorist charging and restrictions to soon follow.

“Now is the perfect time to make the switch to driving an Electric Car.”

Helping to Switch to Greener Electric Car Driving

We think Electric cars are great, and not just from a Green driving point of view, but also from a cost saving and driving experience point of view as well. We would like to invite you to take a look at and test drive a selection of the very best electric cars on the market, to experience them for yourself.  We also can give expert and non-brand biased advice, to help pair you up with the electric car options that suit your lifestyle.


At Drive Green you are able to look at and test drive a variety of cars all in one place, as well as receiving honest and non-brand biased real-world advice from people who live with and understand these vehicles better than anyone else.

Our specialist experience also means we are able to supply very high-quality cars at very good value prices, as we know what we are doing when we are buying our electric cars.

An Electric Vehicle Specialist can offer:

  1. Non-brand biased advice
  2. Selection of all the main electric cars to view and test drive all at one location
  3. Help in choosing the right electric car to suit you and your lifestyle
  4. Always good value high quality cars
  5. Honest advice from people who live with and drive EV’s every day
  6. Real-world range and performance figures from actual experience
  7. Help you getting set-up with all the charging apps etc., you may need
  8. All you need to know to successfully make the change to Electric driving
  9. We will provide your home charge point installation
  10. Associated green living and green technology advice from sustainable living enthusiasts.