Gen 2 Nissan Leaf – Why it’s the world’s most popular electric car

Gen 2 Nissan Leaf – Why it’s the world’s most popular electric car

Nissan Leaf 2017 Drive Green

The World’s Best Selling EV

The Nissan Leaf was the car that brought electric vehicles to the masses. With over a quarter of a million vehicles sold worldwide, the Nissan Leaf has truly become synonymous with the EV market.

But why has it been so successful?

I first drove a Nissan Leaf in 2014 and knew then that this would be the car to popularise EVs. Since then, I’ve driven every type of Leaf available. In this article, i’ll cover the key features that make the Nissan Leaf so loved worldwide.

Wait, is this car electric?

I believe that the Nissan Leaf’s greatest selling point has been the fact that it is, to all intents and purposes, a “normal” car. Most people have no idea it is electric when it drives past or they’re sat in the passenger seat. People have had the perception that electric cars are futuristic or somehow different so I think they come to expect something that looks like a G-Wiz or a Renault Twizy.

Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy

The Nissan Leaf is simply a good looking modern hatchback. Nothing about it screams eco-warrior or futuristic bubble car. This has been a huge advantage to Nissan. Not everyone wants to drive something more adventurous like an i3 (which is another great car) and the Nissan Leaf allows drivers to access all the benefits of an EV whilst flying under the radar.

It’s a nice place to be

The Nissan Leaf has a range of trim levels from the basic Visia up to the fully kitted out Tekna spec. At Drive Green, we aim to supply only Acenta and Tekna spec cars where possible as these offer a well equipped and comfortable interior.

Nissan Leaf Tekna Interior 2

The Leaf is in general a very comfortable car. With all the battery weight down low and gentle, compliant suspension the car floats along roads serenely and with minimal fuss. The seating position is comfortable and adjustable just like the steering column. It is easy to relax into the car on a journey and take time to enjoy some of the Leaf’s nicer extra features.

Features & Equipment

And the extra feature list is plentiful. The Acenta models come with a 7″ touchscreen multimedia control including colour rear camera. The Tekna includes a Bose stereo and Nissan’s amazing 360 degree around view monitor. Both models feature Nissan’s Carwings system which provides efficiency and electric usage data along with remote app controls.

Nissan Connect EV AppThe app allows you to remotely set the climate control and charging times. This feature brings more joy to your life than you might expect. Imagine leaving your house on a winter morning to find a warm car that you can immediately jump in to, with no ice to scrape. This never fails to make me smile.

Space and Practicality

The Nissan Leaf is a very practical and spacious vehicle. The cabin feels wide and airy and there is plenty of room for five occupants.

2013 Nissan Leaf Boot

One of the main advantages of the Nissan Leaf over it’s rivals is the large boot space available. The car is perfectly sized for a fully kitted out family. The Leaf is the go to EV for families, load-luggers and dog owners. The boot drops down below the sill line and offers a capacious 435L of storage. The seats also found down with a 60:40 split for extra usability.

The Nissan Leaf is also the only mainstream electric car to take roof racks or rear mounted bike carriers.

Charging and Range

The Nissan Leaf comes with a choice of battery sizes and most importantly a very well supported charging network. With the standard 24KWh battery, the Leaf achieves a real world range of around 80 miles. Newer Leafs can be purchased with a 30KWh battery and are capable of around 110 miles before needing to stop for a charge.

Nissan Leaf Charge Ports

The key advantage of the Leaf over it’s rivals is in charging. All the Leafs at Drive Green come as standard with the DC Rapid Charge port allowing for a 25-30 minute recharge time whilst on the road. This allows the Leaf to go anywhere you could possibly want in the UK. Most modern EVs have the rapid charge option but what sets the Leaf apart is that it uses the Chademo connector. The Chademo system is by far the most common type of rapid charger in the UK and can be found at every motorway services.

Come and see for yourself

Overall the Nissan Leaf is a fantastic ownership proposition. We think it is a great starting point for someone wanting to enter the used EV market.

We love the Nissan Leaf at Drive Green. Book an appointment now to come down and test drive your new Nissan Leaf and see it side by side with other models such as the Renault Zoe and BMW i3.