The Drive Green Forecourt Re-Development

The Drive Green Forecourt Re-Development

Story of The Drive Green Forecourt Re-Development

When Drive Green reached the point that we need to move to a new bigger site, I had an ideal location in mind for what was going to be the UK’s first dedicated electric cars forecourt.  Through my work with green technology I know that rural Somerset and Bristol we both hotbeds for green consumerism, so I set about looking for a site specifically on a main road that linked the two.



“The location of the Drive Green Forecourt needed to reflect the Green nature of the business.”

Not only did I want this site to be located on the A37 going into Bristol I also wanted the location of the site to reflect the green nature of the business, and for the site to be surrounded by fields and trees and nature.

Thanks to a tip off from a friend I discovered the perfect site – ideally located on the A37 between Bristol and Shepton Mallet, and completely rural – perfect.

Naturally for such an out of the way, rural and unexpected site, it was very far from being ready for operating a commercial business from it.

“Ironically an old petrol station, the site was now wasteland that needed creative redevelopment to turn it into what we had in mind for the Drive Green Forecourt.”

The site, which was many years ago a old petrol station, was now essentially a patch of wasteland, after decades of neglect.  Its lack of connection to the utility networks to which most businesses are so dependant also made it an ideal location for a sustainable business that wished to run off-grid.

“The lack of utility connections meant that the site and its building had to be designed to work off-grid”

With plenty of imagination, and lots of help from friends and work associates, we have managed to turn this 2 acres of wasteland into a very unique car dealership and green technology showroom.

  1. The site was cleared of scrap and rubbish and overgrowth.

2. Fencing was removed.

3. Unsafe walls were removed and replaced by fencing.

4. The patchwork of horrible tarmac and concrete was replaced by golden gravel.

5. A flowerbed has been put in across the entire frontage of the site (hopefully a terrific display of flowers next spring and summer.)

6. The horrible old 40ft container that blighted the site was clad and turned into a really nice looking storage area.

7. The original entrance fencing was removed and replaced by something much more eye catching and driver friendly.

8. The portacabin that we used as a temporary office has now been replaced by a our very own micro eco build.

“Our custom built eco cabin office is the heart of the Drive Green Forecourt site.”

Our custom built eco cabin is the Drive Green office as well as our green technology showroom and advice centre for our sister business Completely Green.

Central to the design was the desire to make it as green a building as possible, which was achieved by making the whole building almost exclusively from recycled materials.  Built to a highly insulated standard and to incorporate lots of green technologies to make a zero carbon building, from the structure itself to its operation from exclusively self-generated renewable energy.

“The site now home to the UK’s largest selection of Electric Cars.”

The site is now home to the UK’s largest selection of electric cars, and is the perfect environment to visit and discover more about this and other green technologies.



Author Details: Richard Norris, founder and Director of ‘Completely Green’ and ‘Drive Green’, family man, and sustainable living enthusiast and Eco-entrepreneur.