EV Home Charge Points

EV Home Charge Points

What you really need to know about getting a home charge point for your electric car

Most people will choose to have a home charge point installed, for fast and convenient charging of their electric car. At Drive Green we make the process of arranging your charge point installation as simple, and as low cost as possible, to help all of our customers. The current government grant in place contributes £500 towards the cost of your charge points installation, making a home charge point easily affordable. With our help getting a charge point installed is hassle free, and can cost as little as £249.

A Home Charge Point cost as little £249 fully installed

The process of getting a charge point installed is very simple.  Once you have purchased or ordered your electric car from Drive Green, we will take care of booking in your charge point installation.  A remote survey will then be required by the installer for your charge point, for which we can help provide the information they need. We will also explain the few simple site photos they will need from you. Then your installation date will be booked, and then installed within 4 weeks, maximum.  While you are waiting for your charge point to be installed, we will lend or supply you with a 3 pin charging lead, that can be plugged into any 13amp socket, so you can charge your EV from day one.

If you don’t want to have a charge point installed we can supply you with a 3 pin charging lead with your car, so you can charge your car overnight from any 13amp socket, both at home or away from home.  To purchase these will cost £269, and can be used as a permanent charging solution.

We will book your charge point installation for you as well as lend you a 3 pin lead for you to charge your car in the meantime.

Types of home charge point

Whilst there are lots of different charge points options available, there are a few key brands and options that we recommend, each of which have different selling points and advantages depending on your specific needs.

(For additional information please visit our Charge Points section https://drive-green.co.uk/charging-options/ev-home-charge-points/ )

ROLEC WALL POD – the best value home charge point

The Rolec wall pod is the best selling home charge point, with prices starting at £249 for a fully installed stocketed charge point. For a charge point that includes a tethered lead the installed cost is still only £299. Available with an amp selector for properties with a solar panel system for an extra £50, this charge point is even able to assist in self consumer your home produced solar power.

from £249 fully installed

ZAPPI – for Solar PV optimized charging

The Zappi is a smart charge point that helps you use your excess solar pv production to charge your car.  Compatible with any solar pv and battery storage system this is our recommended system for charging your car from an existing solar pv system.

from £449 fully installed

EO MINI – the smallest and most discrete charge point

The key selling point of the British made EO mini is that it is the smallest charge point on the market, for those who want a more discrete installation.

From £299 fully installed

THE ANDERSON – the ultimate stylish charge point

Anderson specialise in make the most aesthetically stunning charge points for the designer home.  Available in a variety of finishes and of an exceptional build quality, these are the ultimate luxury charge points.

from £849 fully installed

POD POINT SMART CHARGE – for the very best installation service

This is a smart internet linked charge point enabling easy monitoring of your electric car charging consumption.  Pod points key selling point however is their service.  they are the only company with their own dedicated teams of charge point installers, and are able to install your charge point within 10 day, which is very good. They telephone service team also makes sure that your remote survey is handled over the phone with the absolute minimum of hassle for yourself.  If good service is your priority, Pod point is the one to choose.

from £369 fully installed


The Solar Edge car charging inverter is the ideal charge point to have installed if you are having a solar pv system installed at the same time as needing a EV charge point.  Not only does this product control your solar panel system, it doubles as a car charger and easily allows you to charge your car from your own produced solar power.  If you are thinking about getting a solar panel system installed at the same time a getting your new electric car then this is the perfect product for you.

approx additional cost on top of your solar pv system £400

3 PIN / EVSE CHARGING CABLE – flexible choice

If you decide for reasons of practicality, cost, or flexibility to not have a charge point installed, you can charge your electric car from any standard domestic 13amp socket, by using a 3 pin charging lead.  These leads can be supplied with any car and offer a hassle free charging solution, with no installation necessary.  They are also really flexible as you can take this lead wherever you go, and you can then charge your car anywhere where there is a power socket – great for holidays or visits to friends or relatives.

These leads are also a far cheaper solution to those who are not eligible for the OLEV grant towards their charge point installation (for example if you don’t have your own off street parking.)

These leads charge at a 10amp rate so they are slower than a home charge point, however since most charging is done overnight this isn’t an issue for most owners.

cost £269 with 5m lead in both type 1 or type 2 option

When you visit Drive Green to buy your car we will make sure you are given all the advice you need to choose the right charge point for you, plus we will arrange the installation and make sure the whole process is as hassle free as possible and as low a cost as possible for you.

For additional information on all the charge point options and to find out more about home charging, please visit our Home Charge Point section: