Stratford Upon Avon Branch Now OPEN

Stratford Upon Avon Branch Now OPEN

The second branch of Drive Green is now open.  Not only were we the first EV specialist to open a dedicated roadside forecourt premises where people can view and test drive a very wide range of used EV’s, Drive Green is now the UK’s first multi-site Electric car specialist.

Our second site is in Alderminster – a small rural village just outside of Stratford Upon Avon (CV37 8NY).

We had been looking for a site that brings Drive Green closer to the Birmingham market as well as the Oxfordshire region.  Although we sell cars nationally already, we already know from our Somerset site the benefit of being able to view a wide selection of EV’s in one place, as well as being able to test drive, and most importantly get that honest face to face advice.  This wining philosophy we wanted to bring up to the midlands.

Our Stratford site is perfectly located and in Drive Green style is surrounded by trees and field and beautiful countryside.

“We have as wide a selection of electric cars as we do from our Somerset main branch – more or less every EV you can think of”

We have in stock a wide range of:



BMW i3




We have a great selection at different prices, mileages, and colours and specs – as in Somerset it is about the selection and having the car you want here at the site.

At the Stratford site we have a great indoor showroom where you can view showroom examples of all the key car types, whatever the weather.

Originally the site was a Peugeot dealership, but we have hopefully transformed it to reflect the Drive Green brand.  Unlike the Somerset branch we already had a building in place, but we have used reclaimed furniture where we can, use green electricity (naturally) and have done what we can to make the site and what we do as green as possible.

As always we have tried to make things as comfy and informal as possible for our visitors.  You are guaranteed to get not only the best advice and all the factual information you require, but also to have a relaxed and informal non pressured experience that hopefully differs dramatically from any other traditional car dealership experience.

“We guarantee a relaxed and informal and yet thoroughly informative experience that is dramatically different from any traditional car dealership”

As well as having access to the 20 cars we have on site at this branch, any visitor also has access to all the cars we have stoked in our main Somerset branch.  You can choose from the UK’s biggest selection of used electric cars, all in one place, and with the helpful advice you need.

Our Green Technology Heritage

Drive Green was originally a sister company to the green technology business ‘Completely Green’, which now operates as a non-profit making advisory service from our Somerset showroom.  Drive Green is now very much the commercial end of the business and it profits pay to operate the free completely Green advisory service, as well as donating to Greenpeace, Friend of the Earth, and The WWF, and helping to promote the green and sustainable living cause through our social media channels.

The challenge at this our second branch (and future branches) is how to also promote green living and additional green technology steps, whilst the expertise and showroom and advice centre exists at our Somerset site.

The solution is our ‘Green Technology Gallery’.  In the Stratford Drive Green branch you are able to get close and personal with real Air Source Heat Pump units, Biomass Pellet boilers / Stoves, high efficiency log fires, solar pv equipment, rainwater harvesting units, as well as information with regards to how to make your home greener through insulation etc.

Whist expert advice is always available from our Somerset green technology showroom and advice centre, hopefully the green tech gallery will help give our customers ideas and inspiration with regards to their next steps towards a greener home and lifestyle.

Hopefully giving inspiration as to the next green steps to take after you have moved to driving electrically

The Stratford Upon Avon branch will hopefully make electric cars more accessible to the Midlands market and hopefully our second site fully reflects the companies green heritage as well as our very high standard of service, and everything that makes us different to any other car dealership.  Hopefully the Stratford branch can make the same impact we have in the south west and greatly increase the uptake of electric cars in this area.