Honda e Review

Honda e Review

The Honda e is probably the most anticipated car to be launched this year!

It is a compact electric hatchback which offers unparalleled technology and segment-first features. It does have a slightly lower range and higher price than some rivals. But it makes up for that with a charming aesthetic. It’s not an electric car for everyone, yet we can’t help falling in love with the Honda e.

The exterior looks nothing like other Hondas. Big round headlamps are set within a black panel. Interestingly, the rear has the same fascia. This similarity between the front and rear fascia adds coherence to the aesthetic.

It’s an incredibly clean design, and that’s accentuated by the flush pop out door handles and absence of wing mirrors. Instead, the Honda e has cameras placed on little stumps which stick out of the front doors.

16-inch alloy wheels are standard fitment, but buyers can upgrade to 17-inch wheels on the top-spec Advance variant.



Honda e VS Honda e Advance

Honda eHonda e Advance
My Honda+My Honda+
Full-Width Dual ScreenFull-Width Dual Screen
Leather Steering WheelLeather Steering Wheel
Single Pedal ControlSingle Pedal Control
Pop-Out Door HandlesPop-Out Door Handles
Heated Front SeatsHeated Front Seats
XHeated Steering Wheel
XHonda Parking Pilot
XCentre Camera Mirror System
X130 Volt Outlet
16″ Alloy Wheels17″ Alloy Wheels


 Gear Selector

Gear Selector

While the exterior looks modern, the interior serves you a slice of 2030.

The biggest draw with the e are the six screens which sit above the dashboard. At each corner is a 6-inch display for the side view cameras. An 8.8-inch screen serves as the driver’s instrumentation screen. Twin 12.3-inch screens serve as a panoramic infotainment display.

Both screens can display different applications. You can switch between the displays with the touch of an on-screen button.

Fabric and nappa-leather seats are comfortable in the front and cushy but uncontoured in the rear.

The centre console is placed at hip level. Here’s a design feature you didn’t know you missed, the console isn’t connected to the dashboard, so there is ample space between the front seats to slide across.

This adds to the sense of space in an otherwise conventional cabin. Faux unpolished wood accents liven it up, too. Rear seat space is adequate for shorter passengers, though taller passengers would likely prefer sitting in the front.

Specs based on the Honda e Advance

0-60 Mph8.3 Sec
Range137 Miles
Horse Power154 Bph
Torque315 Nm
Turning Circle4.3 M Radius

The 171-litre boot is surprisingly tiny. You can fold down the rear seats to get an acceptable 861 litre of storage space.

The e is powered by a 35.5kWh battery, good for a WLTP-claimed range of 137 miles on a full charge. If you opt for bigger wheels on the top-spec car, Honda claims 131 miles of range.

The electric motor which propels this vehicle sits under the boot floor. That’s right, the Honda e is a rear-wheel-drive hatchback.

How incredible is that? You get 136hp as standard, but the Advance model bumps it up to 154hp.

In either case, the power is complemented with 315Nm of torque. Even the standard e will sprint from a standstill to 60mph in 9 seconds.

As you’d expect there are a few optional extras to add to your new Honda E.

Illumination Pack – Includes illuminated door seal plates, centre console ambient lighting.


U.R.B.A.N. Pack Black & Blue  Adds additional blue and black accents, doorstep garnishes, bumper mouldings and side body trims.


U.R.B.A.N. Pack Black – Adds additional black accents, doorstep garnishes, bumper mouldings and side body trims.


Leather interior – Adds leather seats to the car (Midnight black or dark brown)


There are also a wide range of styling options available.