4 Options for a More Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

4 Options for a More Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

As many of us decorate our homes for Christmas this weekend, let’s try and make the more planet-friendly choice when choosing your Christmas tree! 

Did you know that nearly 8 million Christmas trees are bought every December in the UK, which potentially could lead to a great amount of waste. We have listed some options for more sustainable Christmas Trees, from potted trees to decorating houseplants, let’s try and make this festive season more eco-friendly! 

Christmas Tree rental

Many places now offer a Christmas-tree hire service over the festive season. Many companies also deliver and collect the tree from your homes. Rented trees still have their roots, so can carry on growing after it’s returned and be rented again the following year. 

Potted Tree 

If you purchase a tree with roots, you can let it continue to grow outside and use it again next year, therefore reducing its environmental impact and costing you less in the long run. 

It doesn’t even have to be a traditional Christmas tree – you can even decorate a different large indoor plant to be a bit more unique, such as a yucca, palm, or fig. 

Artificial Trees

if you already have an artificial tree keep using it! Make it last as long as possible, even passing it down to younger family members or friends.  

Plastics can be great long-lasting materials and in this instance can save lots of trees. 

If you are going to buy a fake tree, opt for a second hand one instead, try Facebook Market Place , Freecycle or Ebay for a pre-loved one.

Real Cut Tree

If you will be getting a real cut tree this year, do make 100% sure that it is FSC certified or approved by the Soil Association. This will also mean that the tree is certified as organic and pesticide-free. 

If you did opt for a real cut tree – After the festivities are over, do make sure to recycle your Christmas trees via your local council tree collection or take them to your nearest municipal tip/recycling centre.

The Christmas trees are shredded and can be used as mulch on plants or on woodland paths. Or they are rotted down and recycled as compost.

Have a great Christmas and set the tone for a much, much greener 2021!