2014 Smart Electric Drive

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We have this great Smart ED in stock now. This is such a fun little car and this particular model has covered 7628 miles in its short life. This car has been really well serviced and looked after and is a testament to how good an electric car can be. It also comes with a convertible roof.

We love the Smart Electric Drive at Drive Green and can’t wait to take you out for a test drive.

Simply Perfect for the city

A car that makes city driving a pleasure. Small and nimble – yet surprisingly spacious. Agile, attractive, safe and exceptionally environmentally friendly. An electrically driven smart offers all the benefits that set the smart apart from the rest: a vehicle concept that is tailored to the needs of urban mobility.

Simply Raring to Go

Driving a smart with electric drive is an exceptional driving experience in every respect. Not only does its electric drive make it kinder to the environment, it also makes it more fun to drive. The electric drive proves itself to be surprisingly dynamic, particularly when moving off and overtaking. This is because its powerful electric motor unleashes the full torque immediately. With just one gear for all speeds you can move off quickly and accelerate seamlessly. Dynamics and driving comfort come together in a driving experience that you will only get with an electric drive.

Simply Silent

Driving has never been so smooth and relaxing! Thanks to the electric drive, noise levels are practically zero. Simply close the door and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life outside. And you will be doing the people around you a favour as well – after all, who wouldn’t welcome less noise in the city?

Simply Drive for Miles

An electrically driven smart doesn’t cramp your style. With a range of up to 90 miles, the smart electric drive is not only perfect for everyday driving around town – a single battery charge also gives you enough energy for spontaneous trips.

Simply Charge it up

The smart electric drive can be charged anywhere. It takes approximately seven hours to charge the battery from empty to full. A welcome side effect is that you not only reduce the strain on the environment, but also on your wallet.


The smart is powered purely by electricity, zero local emission mobility has well and truly arrived. A sophisticated, fully developed technology makes the smart suitable for everyday use. Lots of fun behind the wheel, but without emitting any CO² whatsoever while driving. And thanks to the wealth of innovations integrated in the smart, electric driving is truly effortless. Experience a completely new driving feel with the smart electric drive.


Year: 2014
Millage: 17628
Range (NEDC): 100 Miles
Warranty: Drive Green Warranty
Registration Date: 29/05/2014
Finance Available: Yes


CO2 Emissions: Zero
Annual Tax: Zero
Charge Time Standard: 6-7 Hours
Charge Time Fast: N/A
Charge Time Rapid: N/A
Connections: Type 2


Range / Distance: 100 Miles
Acceleration: 11.5 sec
Top Speed: 78 mph
Power: 55kW / 74hp
Torque: 130Nm
Battery Capacity: 17.6kWh
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive


Upholstery: Yes
Sat Nav: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
Audio System: Smart Multimedia System
Cruise Control: No
App Controls: Yes
Remote Heating: Yes
Self Parking: No
Reversing Camera: No
Auto Pilot: No

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