50 Technik SUV 5dr Electric Auto quattro 71.2kWh (313 ps)
Perfect Condition & 98% SOH


From £286.37 a month

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Range Figures

Manufacturers WLTP

212 Miles

Drive Green Real World Range

200 Miles

City – Mild Weather

250 Miles

Highway – Mild Weather

160 Miles

Mixed Driving – Mild Weather

160 Miles

City – Cold Weather

175 Miles

Highway – Cold Weather

125 Miles

Mixed Driving – Cold Weather

150 Miles

Charge Times

Connection Type: Type 2 / CCS

2.3kW 3 Pin

33h 15m

7kW Fast Charge

10h 30m

Rapid Charge 50kW


Rapid Charge Max Possible


Max Rapid Charge Rate kW


Power Consumption

Miles Per kWh


Wh Per Mile

305 WH

Battery Capacity

71 KWH

Usable Battery

65 KWH

Battery Health Check

95 out of 100


Power BHP

308 BHP

Motor Power kW

230 kW


398 IBS / FT


6.8 Seconds

Top Speed

118 MPH


Four Wheel Drive


Cargo Volume


Cargo Volume Max



This particular E-tron is in excellent condition and fully prepared to our high standard and will have a minimum of 6 months until its next service or MOT is due. As well as a host of great spec this Technik Model has a full leather interior, parking sensors, reverse camera, cruise control and a great infotainment system. It is a quality made car with a premium feel. The E-ton 50 Estate comfortably seats five passengers, and has an enormous boot making it perfect for family adventures and holidays. Its 71kWh battery will give around 200miles of driving range depending on the time of year and your style of driving, making it a great long range EV. If you are looking for an E-tron Estate or a super practical EV in great condition, but at a keen price point this could be the perfect EV for you. Contact us to book an appointment to view and test drive this car, or to find out more about switching to driving an electric car, or to discuss purchase options, including our remote sale and delivery service. As with all our cars it comes supplied with a 3-pin charging lead so you can charge the car from any domestic mains 13amp socket, so you don’t need to get a charge point installed. We perform battery health checks on all our vehicles, so you can have the comfort of knowing the battery state of health of the EV you choose. We are the only company that provides this for all our vehicles, which is another reason to buy your EV from Drive Green.

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