Drive Green

8 Easy Zero Waste Swaps

We have come up with our favourite and easiest ways to make your everyday single-use items more eco friendly. Here are 8 tips on adopting a more zero waste lifestyle.

Reusable Coffee Cup

Be away with the single use coffee cup from the coffee shop! With so many great reusable coffee cups on the market, there is no excuse not to have one. Here are some of our favourite brands.

rCupCheck out the rCUp here

Frank GreenVisit the Frank Green website

Reusable Water Bottle

Like a coffee cup, there is so many to choose from, many keeping your water cool for 12-24 hours.

Chillys offer a wide range of designs and 3 sizes perfect for kitting out the family for your next road trip or for your early morning commutes.

Beeswax Wraps

Wrapping your sandwiches and other snacks in a beeswax wrap saves on lots of unnecessary waste. Most wraps will last around a year before they can be used as firelighters or composted. To clean the wraps, wash in cool soapy water and leave to air dry after each use. The warmth from your hands is enough to seal them or mould them to the shape of a bowl, keeping the contents fresh.

Cutlery Kit

If you are always eating on the go, keep a set of reusable cutlery with you. You can take a simple set of cutlery you already have at home or get yourself a set of bamboo cutlery.

Plastic Freedom have a full kit for the on the go lunches.


Always have a bag to hand if you are heading to the shops. We prefer bags that don’t take up too much room in the car or in a bag.

Here is a simple cotton string bag from Thought

Alternatively, you can make a statement with the ‘Ban the Bag’ organic cotton tote from Rapanui.


Swap your gum for mints. Reducing waste and help reduce littering. Grab mints that are in tins, or try your local zero waste shop.

If you can’t ditch the gum try this biodegradable, organic, natural peppermint gum from GeOrganics.

Reusable facemask

As this is a new normal, we thought we should include it. A reusable facemask is one new way in which people are reducing their waste. Many small businesses have created facemasks with pockets for an additional filter, along with adjustable straps to make sure it fits your face perfectly. Here are where we have been buying our facemasks from.

We like these fair-trade cotton facemasks from Coconut and Cotton and these masks from Thought, which are 100% organic cotton and are made from offcuts of our production fabrics. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of each mask will be donated to Refuge, providing support for victims of domestic violence.