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Concerns about the longevity of EV batteries persist among potential owners due to widespread misinformation and a lack of transparency from manufacturers. To address this, Drive Green is conducting a transparent battery health study to provide consumers with essential data and alleviate worries about EV battery lifespan.
Electric cars are taking the modern car market with a storm. You are probably wondering if an electric car is the right type of vehicle for you. As technology advances, more electric cars are gaining pace and improving by the day.
There are plenty of reason to switch to driving a greener Electric Car, and in the last few years we have seen an incredible increase in EV ownership, with this growth predicted to exponentially increase. If you are trying to adopt a greener lifestyle, then an EV should be in the mix.
The results of a recent AA survey were released this week and show the pace of change towards EV driving over the coming years will be quite dramatic. 41% of AA members own diesel cars but when asked if their next car will be diesel this drops 60% to just 16%.
While electric vehicles (EVs) might seem futuristic, they are becoming more frequent on the roads each day. However, some drivers are still on the fence about making the switch because they aren’t familiar with all that is involved during the transition.
You might be considering whether or not the time is right to buy an electric vehicle (EV). In fact, soon, you may not have many choices outside of EVs as EPA regulations make it increasingly difficult for automotive manufacturers to meet the ever-tightening emission standards.
Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly growing in popularity. With the modern increases in battery power, EVs are starting to become superior options to their mechanical ancestors; that’s why they’re starting to pop up in the mainstream.
Whether you’re doing your research before buying your first electric vehicle, are a new owner of an EV, or even if you’ve had an electric car for a while, you may have questions about charging your EV. That’s why we’ve put together this Ultimate Guide to Charging Your EV.
Goodwood Festival of Speed is an iconic motoring event that many drivers schedule into their diary every year. But where does Drive Green fit in? Well, this year there has been a huge shift towards the electric vehicle market.
Millions of Brits will be taking the advice of the popular Christmas song and ‘Driving Home for Christmas’. But those with an EV can potentially reduce their costs and carbon footprint.
We think Electric cars and vans are great (as do our many clients), and not just from a Green driving point of view, but also from a cost saving and driving experience point of view as well. We can give expert and non-brand biased advice, to help pair you up with the electric van options that suit your businesses requirements.
There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction than coming out to a de-iced, pre-warmed car on a winters morning. Whilst my neighbours are outside chipping, scraping and generally complaining; I’m turning the heating on over a bowl of cornflakes.
There are a large number of companies that are working to create low-cost charging amenities by installing charge points. The local council have to work alongside them to make the reality of a network of charging points everywhere in the country.
One of the key benefits of electric car driving over traditional combustion engine vehicles is their undeniably much lower running costs. Running cost of an EV cab be less than 10% of its petrol counterpart! Saving the typical driver almost £2000 in costs pa.
The way we use our vehicles, and collect the resources required to power them, is changing. As time goes on the way in which we produce and consume energy to power our transportation systems around the world is becoming more interlinked than ever before.
There is no denying that the number of electric vehicles on our roads is going to dramatically increase over the next 5-10 years. There are countless benefits to this, however one thing that has been of concern to some people is the increased electrical demand on the National Grid.
As we spend more time promoting electric cars, we find our friends and family become drawn to the benefits of green transport. I find that everyone around me wants an electric car now! Naturally, when it came time to replace my mum’s car, she went for an EV.