The Team

The Team - Drive Green - The Electric Car Specialist.

Richard Norris


Richard is the driving force behind Drive Greens eco-goals. Richard has been involved in the sustainable living and renewable energy sector for many years and his expertise has brought success to several green businesses. His background has a huge influence on Drive Green’s direction and message.

Chelsea Parsons

General Manager

Chelsea is the glue that binds the business together, by keeping everything organised and running smoothly. Her kind and caring nature means that we as well as our customers are all very well looked after.

Reece Cleverley

Sales Manager

Reece is not only super knowledgeable and professional, but he also brings a vibrant energy to the team, where he is always smiling, laughing and joking. We love his passion for electric cars, and his knowledge is simply second to none.   Reece manages all our sales and makes sure every customer is well advised and well looked after, which is shown in the masses of 5 star reviews we have in which he gets named. He is constantly interested in new developments in the electric automotive industry. He is also there to make sure the business runs smoothly, especially on a Saturday. With Reece in charge of sale and our customers we all know with complete certainty that everyone is getting very well looked after and advised. He is unfortunately also the office tuck shop, and Reece often brings in cakes and snacks for the team, although his efforts to have no single-use packaging in his life means he is having to do a lot more home baking.

Heywood Beacon

Stock and Forecourt Supervisor

Heywood joins the team after living in France for 5 years Eco-building.  A strong advocate of green technologies as well as previously being involved in classic car restoration, he has the perfect blend of a friendly and charming personality, a passion for sustainability, and automotive skills that makes him a great asset and addition to the Drive Green team. He is also a very keen and talented landscape and architectural photographer and loves to get out into the countryside

Dave Pollard

Delivery Driver

Dave is an important part of the Drive Green family. He drives all over the UK to collect cars and deliver EV’s to many of our customers, who either cannot or do not wish to visit the forecourt. He’s always smiling, and customers on the receiving end always enjoy his deliveries. He likes a warm cup and he enjoys seeing the many beautiful parts of the UK that his job takes him too.

Nick Fox

Video Production Manager

Nick coordinates and produces all our video content and manages our YouTube channel. His amazing team of video editors and camera crew are what make our videos look so professional and of such a high production standard. Nick’s vision, attention to detail, and awareness are all key qualities that make him a fantastic content creator and an absolute pleasure to work alongside, together with his whole team at Centric Creative.

Dan Hopkins

Sales Advisor

Dan is a photographer who has a passion for the push to Net Zero, Electric vehicles and renewable energy. Dan has been driving EVs for over four years, he is no stranger to the Drive Green experience having purchased two vehicles from us. Little known fact, as a professional fire-worker he has taken part in the British Fireworks Championship.

Charlie French

Marketing Consultant

Charlie is our Marketing Consultant. She has been working in marketing in various roles for over 10 years and loves helping companies in all sectors find their unique space online. She has a background in the Arts so she loves being creative but also gets stuck into the data, strategy and planning of our online marketing. She is a dog Mum to a Black Labrador called Bruce and can happily chat about him for hours.

Andy Hickman

Delivery Specialist

Whilst he’s known here as ‘Mr Grumpy’ it is an ironic name and Andy is the nicest man you could hope to meet.  He is a dedicated and caring family man, who loves a cup of team and watching TV thrillers, as well as having a keen interest in classic cars.  If Andy is collecting or delivering your car you know you are in very good hands.