EV Battery Health

At Drive Green we have always led the way in the battery testing of used EV’s, and trying to educate consumers around long term EV battery health. We were the very first UK company to battery test all our vehicles, and as well as publishing the results of our testing annually, and we are now even able to offer extended battery warranties for consumers that need additional reassurance. When it comes to EV battery health we have the answers.

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We are now able to offer extended EV battery warranties to help reassure customers who are concerned about the long-term battery health of their used EV. 
Concerns about the longevity of EV batteries persist among potential owners due to widespread misinformation and a lack of transparency from manufacturers. To address this, Drive Green is conducting a transparent battery health study to provide consumers with essential data and alleviate worries about EV battery lifespan.
Batteries can be thought of as the heart of your EV. They define how far you can go and how long it will take to recharge. Our FAQs below should answer some of the most common questions.
We are delighted to now be offering a Battery SOH certificate for every EV sold from our forecourt. Drive Green will be the first UK EV company to start using the Mobo system to certify battery health on all our electric vehicles.