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How to buy your used car on Finance with us

At the bottom of our used car listings is our finance calculator, and you can use this to work out your likely finance payment costs for every specific car we sell. From here, you can also do a ‘soft check’ to verify your eligibility, and you can even then proceed to complete your whole finance application if you wish.

We can offer HP & PCP on most of our stock in 3 different ways as follows:-


WEBSITE QUOTE & PROPOSE – Click on the stock page & select your’ chosen vehicle. Then select which ‘credit rating’ best suits you & adjust the deposit & term to fit your budget. When you’re happy with the result, you can complete the attached application & this will be sent securely to Motonovo Finance.


CUSTOMER SELF-SERVE – You can request a Bespoke emailed live interactive quotation from one of our sales team. This is a great option if you need to evaluate all of the details quickly & want to compare any information before any visit on-site. Again you can adjust the ‘credit strength’ tabs, deposit & term as you fit, then apply direct & secure as with option 1.

NB: These options help you get quick, accurate information earlier in your’ vehicle search journey & can save huge amounts of time by getting things agreed upon & in place before your visit.


FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENT – If you are just not sure, then give us a call & we’ll book you in & we can discuss things on-site.

Interest rates are fixed and are based on customer credit strength and deal structure, and the lender makes the ultimate decision.

This is much the same as banks & building societies & we at Drive Green believe this is the best & fairest way to approach vehicle funding.

We’re here to help, so please drop us a line.

PCP and HP Finance - what is the difference?


Is our Personal Contract Purchase product.

PCP agreements contain a balloon payment at the end of the finance agreement, which usually makes the monthly instalment amounts lower than a traditional HP agreement. This is great for customers who like to change their vehicles frequently. We offer this product with terms up to 48 months and a maximum advance of £50,000.

Find a finance option that fits you


Is our traditional Hire Purchase product.

This is just like a typical repayment loan. With an HP agreement, customers can spread the cost of their vehicle by paying a fixed amount per month. We offer this product with terms from 12 to 60 months and a maximum advance of £75,000.

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