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Concerns about the longevity of EV batteries persist among potential owners due to widespread misinformation and a lack of transparency from manufacturers. To address this, Drive Green is conducting a transparent battery health study to provide consumers with essential data and alleviate worries about EV battery lifespan.
At Drive Green, we love driving electric cars. There are many differences that make the EV driving experience an improvement on the conventional car. If you want to know how an EV drives the best thing you can do is take one for a test drive
Despite an increasing amount of recent media coverage, there is still a great deal of consumer ignorance, and some recurring Myths and Misconceptions surrounding Electric Cars. We are here to address these common misconceptions!
Batteries can be thought of as the heart of your EV. They define how far you can go and how long it will take to recharge. Our FAQs below should answer some of the most common questions.
When moving from driving a petrol/diesel car to some it may seem like a hybrid is the best choice for you – a middle ground compromise or less of a complete change. On some occasions, this may be the case, however more often a fully electric car will be most suitable for you.