Upgrade Your EV

Upgrade Your EV - Drive Green - The Electric Car Specialist.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your EV?

If you are thinking about upgrading or changing your current electric car, now is the perfect time to do it.  The variety of EV’s now available at Drive Green has grown hugely over the last 12 months, so there is now so much more choice, in size, personality and style, including a great selection of bigger battery EV’s with ranges up to about 300 miles on a charge.

Upgrade Your EV - Drive Green - The Electric Car Specialist.

The Right EV For You

As a previous Drive Green customer, we can offer you a very generous part exchange valuation for your current EV, which will again have a very welcome home on our forecourt. We like to make the process quick and easy for you. We will take care of any battery leases, ensure that you receive your money quickly, and we can even come and collect your car from anywhere in the UK.

Hopefully, we will get to help you choose the right EV for you once again.

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Please note that the valuation provided is based on accurate information. We are very genuine and understanding of damage with used vehicles, however, we may reject a vehicle if it has been misdescribed. Please understand that condition is often subjective, so try to look for anything that may not be perfect about the car as one person’s definition of important damage may be different from another’s.