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At Drive Green, we believe that our relationship with the world is made greener with the use of electric cars. However, we’re not just looking at zero emission travel, but also other ways our relationship with the planet can be made better and greener. We look at all the ways that we can all make a difference.

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Drive Green has been presented the Sustainability Initiative award at the national Auto Trader Retailer Awards 2023. 
Industry and agriculture are responsible for a large amount of pollution problems. However 30% of carbon emissions are produced from our homes. There is a lot we can do as families and households to make our homes and lifestyles greener.
Driving an Electric Car is about driving greener, with a lower carbon footprint and lower financial running costs. In our opinion, EVs deserve their place alongside all the other green technologies. They offer us an incredible opportunity to decrease our carbon emissions.
There are many battery storage products that have entered the market over the last 12-18 months. However, there are 2 systems that stand out from the crowd, in terms of quality, rock-solid warranty, and predicted very long-term life expectancy.
Everyone is trying to reduce their plastic use so we have come up with our favourite and easiest ways to make your everyday single-use items more eco friendly. Here are 8 tips on adopting a more zero waste lifestyle, from reusable coffee cups to chewing gum!
Coronavirus will lead to a societal obsession with an existential threat. The risk of human extinction will saturate the news, movies, science, social media, finance and everyday conversation. Our attitude towards existential threats will change dramatically over the next 10 years.
Solar PV is now the most well established of all the green technologies. The cost of equipment is now highly affordable due to the economies of scale of mass production. Every home can benefit from a solar PV system, as every home uses electricity.
Off-grid living and off grid homes could present the example to follow for the future, as they are properties that run entirely on renewable and carbon neutral energy. Their rural locations and space mean that a large portion of food is grown at home.