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A third aim to switch to Electric for next car

Recent AA survey into Electric Car ownership

The results of a recent AA survey were released recently and show the pace of change towards EV driving over the coming years will be quite dramatic, many are looking to switch to electric sooner than some may think.

41% of AA members own diesel cars but when asked if their next car will be diesel this drops 60% to just 16%. Overall a third of all AA members surveyed aim to switch from diesel and petrol for their next car purchase, according to a survey of 19,308 drivers.

Some of the concerns expressed by AA members

Despite the overwhelming shift towards Electric Car driving, the AA members surveyed still expressed concerns with regards to some EV driving related issues.

In the quoted AA-Populus poll of 16,629 in July 2017 the percentage identifying different EV-related issues as a concern to them were:

  • Availability of charging points (84%)
  • High purchase price (83%)
  • Battery durability (69%)
  • Limited range (61%)
  • Time taken to charge (60%)
  • Lack of choice/availability (49%)

Most of the barriers to owning an EV are myths

We believe that many of the concerns are the result of ill-informed misconceptions, and the reality for the many people who are already enjoying EV driving is that these concerns genuinely are not issues at all.

EV driving in fact already suits the majority of peoples driving lifestyles, and is cheaper, as well as being greener.

Edmund King OBE, AA president argues that: “Three quarters of drivers will mainly charge at home and the network of charging points is growing by the day.

As the majority of people will charge overnight, using off-peak electricity at home, the time taken to charge should not be an issue and indeed fast chargers, capable of providing an 80% charge in less than half an hour, are becoming more common.

“The purchase price of EVs is falling while the quality and variety of models available; battery durability and range are all improving.”

“The future of cleaner, greener motoring looks bright”

300 new charging points are being installed every month

While some people still have anxiety about running out of range, the reality is that there are more than 14,000 public charging points (Zapmap) throughout the UK, with around 300 being added every month and today’s EVs are capable of meeting many people’s weekly, let alone daily mileage, on a single charge, especially as the average UK journey length is less than 10 miles.

Your AA poll EV driving concerns answered:

In response to the standard concerns raised by this survey, we can assure those wishing to take up greener driving that the reality is much different for the EV driver:

  • Availability of charging points (84%) – you are never more than a couple of miles from a charge point if ever you need one, and almost all charging is done at home anyway
  • High purchase price (83%) – a truly excellent under 3 year old Electric car can be purchased for under £9k
  • Battery durability (69%) – the batteries have far exceeded anyone’s expectations with predictions of 300k miles from an original battery pack being common
  • Limited range (61%) – using the network of rapid chargers and some pre-planning you can consider an EV to have an unlimited range, but even with just home charging even an early EV has a range 4 times the size of typical daily usage
  • Time taken to charge (60%) – if in a hurry many EV’s can be charged in less than 30 minutes at a rapid charge point
  • Lack of choice/availability (49%) – whilst there isn’t the massive selection of cars there are presently in petrol or diesel, there is still enough of a selection to find the perfect car to suit your particular needs and wants. From the very practical and family suitable Nissan Leaf, to the compact Renault Zoe, to the fast and sporty BMW i3, the luxurious Tesla’s, and many more besides.

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