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Charge Without Off-Street Parking

Our Advice if you can’t Home Charge

If you can’t charge at home because you don’t have off-street parking, you will need to identify the public charging options that are available to you conveniently, and that suits your lifestyle best. You will need to use the massive UK public charging network, and can look at all charge points both Fast and Rapid as potential charging options for you.

Public Fast Chargers

There are public fast chargers everywhere in places like municipal car parks, where you can leave your car parked for several hours. If there is a convenient car park either close to where you work, or visit or near to home, this could be a great regular charging option.

Public Rapid Chargers

The alternative is to find a convenient rapid charger that you can visit once or twice a week for a quick top-up of your battery while you wait. Depending on the size of your car’s battery and your weekly mileage you may only require one charging visit a week, and as a 30 minute stop should give you about 80 miles extra range, you may also not need to wait for long. As you will be waiting with your car, you just need to look for a convenient charger on any of the routes you drive.

Finding a convenient Regular Charge Point Tips

  • Look for a fast charge point near your home
  • Look for a fast charge point near your work
  • Look for a fast charge point where you shop
  • Look for a fast charge point wherever you visit regularly
  • Look for a rapid charge point near your home or on a regular route
  • Look for multiple options, and have primary and backup choices

Using the Charge Points

Once you have identified the most convenient charging options, you then need to make sure you have the means to connect and pay, arranging to subscribe to the relevant network operator if required.

Please watch our other public charging videos for more information.

Other Charging Solutions

1. Talk to your employer to see if it is possible for you to charge at work, even if it is just with access to a normal 13amp socket, as a charge point is not necessarily required.

2. Talk to your local council to see if there is a ‘Lamp-post charging scheme’ in operation in your area, and then contact the provider to arrange an installation in your street.

Drive Green is currently working on a number of charging schemes to assist buyers who cannot charge at home. We are looking at parking space rental schemes with charge points installed in them. We are looking at starting a service where your car is valet driven and then charged overnight elsewhere to be delivered back to you before you need the car again the following morning. We are also trying to develop trip hazard free systems in case you can park on the road outside of your house.

On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme

Your council can petition the government to fund the installation of a charging post as long as there is limited access to off-street parking. It is thus possible for you to ask your local council to install a roadside charge point near your home for you to charge from.

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