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The Drive Green Eco Build Cabin

The Story of The Completely Green Eco Build Office, Green Technology Showroom and Advice Centre.

When I first came up with the concept for Completely Green I wanted the business to run from a micro eco build cabin that was not only the businesses offices and showroom, but also a product in itself – a modular micro eco build that can potentially be sited anywhere, can be built to specification, and to have the smallest carbon footprint possible.

It was my hope that the building would be an example of an affordable sustainable home that could offer the housing example for the next generation.

Micro Eco Build Cabin

I did not imagine that I would realise this dream so early on in the business, however after a chance meeting with artist and designer Mark Wilson of Rockaway Park, shortly before we moved to our new site, I had met someone with the passion and talent to turn this idea into a reality.

The Rockaway Park team of super talented, artists, fabricators and carpenters, led by Mark, then proceeded to build the most fantastic bespoke cabin designed to be both the completely green offices as well as our green technology showroom and advice centre.

Central to the design was the desire to make it as green a building as possible, which was achieved by making the whole building almost exclusively from recycled materials.  Built to a highly insulated standard and to incorporate lots of green technologies to make a zero carbon building, from the structure itself to its operation from exclusively self-generated renewable energy.

Not only did Mark and his team manage to make the building from exclusively locally sourced and recycled materials, they also managed to build a cabin of such creative beauty with incredible attention to detail.

“Central to the design was the desire to make the eco build cabin as green as possible”

The Offsite Build & Delivery

The Eco Build cabin was built in 2 separate sections on site at Rockaway Park over a period of 5 months. The cabin was then delivered 5 miles to the site by local firm Kings. The patience of their amazing driver Paul, meant after 4 hours of careful manoeuvring the 2 building sections were level and sited joined together, ready for the installation of the windows and the final finishing tasks.

Recycling Materials

As we wanted our cabin to be as green as possible we used recycled materials throughout. Including steel framework that made up the basic chassis and the structure that was made from recycled industrial fencing.

The timber used for the ceiling and the floor was from old advertising hoardings. We then used insulated panels for the floor and some of the walls which were made from old Tesco fridge trucks.

Recycled Windows and Insulation

The main showroom windows were from miss-ordered waste stock from a local window company. The large office window on the side of the cabin was recycled from another building.

The larger insulated end panels in the cabin were recycled from the old terminal at Bristol Airport.

Repurposed Wood & Steel

We reused some old recycled fencing for the curved roof timber and the beams are made from recycled scrap steel. The beautiful exterior timber cladding was locally sourced Douglas Fir.

We then used reclaimed packing crate timbers for the interior timber cladding.

New life for old materials

The base trims of the cabin are galvanised steel recycled from the Ashton Gate stadium refit. We gave a recycled door a new lease of life and it now sits proudly on our showroom. We used old telegraph poles for base of the building.

The team really took attention to even the smallest of details including the decorative hand-made nails which you can see throughout the structure.

Green Furniture

The furniture was also made from an old previously felled Sycamore tree from the Rockaway park site. To make the furniture as green as possible is was then made on site by Neal, from this wood from the site, just 5 miles from where it now resides in our eco build cabin.

Green Roof

An important part of the buildings design is the green roof, which I love, and despite this summer’s drought has grown lovely – I cant wait to see how the green roof evolves over the winter and into next summer.

We really want to encourage as much wildlife as we can on our patch of the A37. Along with the Green roof we have also sown lots of wildflower seeds on the borders to create a little nature hotspot.

Creative Details

Not only does the whole cabin look fantastic, there are also loads of lovely creative details that make the eco build cabin really special.

Thank you Richard for the lovely old ParCans and doing such a tidy job with the electrics in a suitably industrial style.

The Completely Green cabin is an amazing building which is has been such a privilege to be involved in the creation of. Now we are all lucky enough to have such a great environment to work within and a great space for visitors to our green technology showroom. I hope that it provides inspiration to others who are looking to build similar eco structures.


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make this amazing green building happen.


A big thank you to Mark, Wayne, Tommy, Mark G, Chris, Eamon, and Neal from Rockaway Park for all their hard work and friendship and making this building a reality for us – it is amazing and we love it.

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