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5 Reasons You Should Have an Electric Car

Electric cars are taking the modern car market with a storm. You are probably wondering if an electric car is the right type of vehicle for you. As technology advances, more electric cars are gaining pace and improving by the day. The inconveniences, such as high costs, long charging time, limited charging stations and low performance, which were associated with these cars are rapidly fading away. Lately, the public perception of electric cars has changed. Still not convinced why you should go for an electric car? Fair enough; here are some reasons you should consider buying an electric car.

1. Environmentally Friendly

It goes without saying that electric cars offer environmentally friendly driving due to their clean power source. Electric cars are designed to use electric currents to generate power for movement. They do not emit any toxic gases into the atmosphere. We have been fighting global warming trying to save the human race from the tough consequences. Electric cars are one way to go when seeking solutions to environmental degradation and global warming. Clean air means a clean environment and suitable climate, reduced diseases, and improved quality of life.

2. Saves On Fuel

This is probably the main benefit of buying an electric car for many people. Anyone with a car knows how high fuel bills can be especially when covering long distances. Electric vehicles do not require fuel. You simply need to plug your car into a power source at home or work or station. With the latest developments, modern electric vehicles come with powerful batteries to keep your car running longer. You could also utilize nature’s free energy source when you buy a solar panel to charge the batteries.

3. Improved Driving Experience

The quality of drive in electric cars has been enhanced significantly over the years. Engine noise is reduced to zero. We are all aware of noise pollution in major cities and the need to address this problem. You can finally look forward to a silent and emission-free ride when you buy an electric car.

Another benefit is that electric cars are high-performance vehicles with high torque power. They have smooth and quick pick-up power. Unlike most gas-powered cars that seem to tumble now and then, electric cars are designed to offer smooth experiences. With a low centre of gravity and responsive deceleration, electric vehicles improve handling, ride comfort and responsiveness. Generally, they are easier to drive or control hence fun to operate.

4. Low Maintenance Cost

As mentioned earlier, electric cars depend on electric current. They have few mechanical or moving parts. This makes it hard for parts to break. Therefore, you are likely to save time, energy, and money in the long run. Your electric car demands very few maintenance practices such as oil changes. You are less likely to change worn-out parts such as spark plugs, timing belts, and other engine tune-up parts. Since an electric car is designed to accelerate and decelerate rapidly after hitting the brakes, your brakes will last much longer compared to the brakes on gas-powered vehicles.

5. Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is a common problem that most potential electric users fear. People worry about their electric cars running out of charge while out in woods or far from home. Indeed, if this was ever a real problem, it is now a thing of the past. The technology advancements in creating better and high-performance batteries have managed the factors creating range anxiety. Today, an affordable electric car fully charged can go for 200 miles seamlessly.

About the Author: Samantha Tung is a contributing writer and media specialist for Caliber Collision. She often contributes content for a variety of car blogs.