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Why Buy Your Used EV From Drive Green

Why Buy your USED electric car from Drive Green

“Drive Green is the largest EV dealership in the UK – your one stop shop for an electric car.”

  • Honest and impartial specialist advice
  • Every model of EV in one place
  • The UK’s largest selection of electric cars
  • Our help, support and expertise
  • Drive Green Membership

You are dealing with the Electric Vehicle specialists

We know how frustrating it can be trying to buy an electric car from a traditional used car dealer. There are a lot of questions that you want to be answered. And you cannot be confident that the seller really knows what they’re talking about.

At Drive Green, we genuinely are the electric cars specialists. When it comes to knowledge and experience with electric cars there is no one better to come to for honest, impartial advice and technical expertise.

“Knowledgeable Specialist Advice”

Unlike everyone else you might goto to buy your EV, we ‘live’ with these cars and understand them and how they fit people’s lifestyles better than anyone. We don’t just know about one brand of electric car, we know them all inside and out, both individually and together against one another. We also have the benefit of having worked with thousands of customers, their driving lifestyles and their individual EV experiences.

All this goes together to make our advice second to none. If you are thinking of moving over to electric driving and need advice on how an EV will work in your individual lifestyle, and help to decide what would be the right EV for you, then Drive Green is the first, last and only place you need to go.

“Helping you choose the right EV for you”

There is no product or brand bias at Drive Green, just a commitment to pairing you up with the perfect electric car for you and your lifestyle.

Every Model of EV in one Place

“every model of electric car side by side in one place.”

Drive Green is by far the largest specialist Electric Car dealership in the UK, and as a result, we stock the largest selection of EV’s anywhere, both in terms of numbers as well as variety.

At Drive Green, you can look at all the different EV’s all side by side. You are able to go for multiple test drives and have all the advice and help you need to decide which is the right electric car for you.

Our stock and selection are also large enough to mean you are almost guaranteed that on-site we will have the perfect car for you. Lots of different models, in lots of different colours, and at lots of different price points.

Honest and Impartial Specialist Advice

A visit to Drive Green is totally different and relaxed experience that doesn’t involve you speaking to lots of dealerships to be told every time that their car is the right one for you.

We are not tied to a particular brand or manufacturer, and a have such a large variety of cars on-site, that there is no product or brand bias at Drive Green, just a commitment to pairing you up with the perfect electric car for you and your lifestyle.

Drive Green Help and Support

Due to our specialist knowledge and many years of experience dealing with EV’s and their owners, we can offer all the help and support you need to make sure you know everything you need to know in order to make your move to electric driving as easy and enjoyable as possible.

“everything you need to know to get you electric driving totally seamlessly.”

And our service and support do not stop once you have left the forecourt. We are always on hand for help and advice throughout your EV ownership. We will make sure you know all you need to know about public charging and living with your eV. We can also arrange for the installation of your home charge point.

We care about spreading the green message

We love that driving an electric car can save you money and that they are so nice to drive, but for us, the reasoning behind electric car ownership has always been about working towards environmental sustainability. We believe that electric cars are a critical part of a sustainable living greener lifestyle.

We will make sure you end up with a vehicle you love and you drive away so happy that you encourage everyone to look into electric car ownership and a greener lifestyle.

We’ll Help You Out Wherever You Are

Our remote delivery service means we can deliver your EV to you throughout most of the UK, and our well-practised remote sales and support means that you are able to get the full Drive Green service and experience with all the advice you need, a handover, and all the help you need, just as if you purchased on the forecourt.

Drive Green Membership

All our customers also get a Drive Green Membership Card. This entitles our customers to generous discounts with a growing key EV related and green businesses, including EV accessories, insurance, breakdown cover, charge point installation, public charging, and home energy discounts, which amount to hundreds of pounds worth of savings.

‘exclusive offers for Drive Green customers’


Our specialist EV expertise and service level is unique to us and coupled with our huge EV selection are what makes Drive Green the very best place to buy your new electric car.

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