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Home Charge Points

Home Charge Points

Most electric car charging happens at home. Whilst it is possible to keep your car charged up with a standard household plug, it is not quick, convenient, or in some cases not as safe. A dedicated electric car charge-point at your house will typically allow you to charge quicker, safer, and easier.

Why Get a Home Charge Point?

Charging your car from a standard household plug can take a long time and can cause some plugs to get quite hot. With a dedicated fast charger at home, you should be able to charge up to 3 times quicker than with a standard household plug.

There are a few reasons to install a dedicated ChargePoint, the key reasons are:

  • · To charge quicker
  • · To improve safety
  • · To reduce clutter and increase convenience

What is a ChargePoint?

A ChargePoint is a dedicated charging unit from which you will charge your EV. All a ChargePoint needs to do is take the 240V electricity supply from your house and make it accessible to your EV through an appropriate connection.

Which One Do I Choose?

There are now an incredible number of options available in the home ChargePoint market. Ultimately, they are all fundamentally very similar devices, and they fulfil the same purpose – being a dedicated socket from which you charge your EV.

The following are a few key brands you may choose to consider.

Tethered or Socket

Most Charge points are available with either a built-in lead (tethered), or with a socket only (no lead).

Both have separate advantages. A tethered unit is cheaper than buying a socketed unit and a separate lead, and often are tidier because the lead is built-in and can be stowed in a holster on the front of the charge point where a socket would otherwise be.

A socketed unit has the advantage of being universal, and therefore if you get a car with a different connection, or someone visits with a car that has a different connection, you can charge using the removable public charging lead that suits the vehicles concerned, assuming you or the visitors have one. With having a removable charging lead, you can also use this for public fast charging also.

Can Drive Green Help?

We can help you arrange your home charge point installation in several ways. We can advise and explain anything you need to know about your charge point. We can arrange your installation on your behalf through our approved installer partners. We can introduce you to installers that will give you a discounted installation through our Drive Green Membership scheme.

As with everything EV related, we are here to help and support you, and make the transition as easy as possible.

EO Mini Pro 3

EO are a great UK brand, and the EO mini stands out from other charge points by being so small and discrete. It is still full of power and functionality and comes complete with a smart charging app that enables you to manage, monitor and schedule your charging. You also have the optional extra solar charging feature, if you have your own home PV array and wish to self-consumer your own generated green power effectively.

Rolec Wallpod

Rolec is a very popular UK charge point brand. Its Wallpod’s are even manufactured here in the UK. It is reasonably priced and comes with a 3-year warranty, and it comes with a smart charging app that can be integrated with your home energy tariff to help you make sure you are paying the least about possible for your charging.

If you are looking for a great value charge point the Rolec Wallpod is hard to beat.



evec is breaking down the barrier to electric vehicle ownership, they offer affordable electric and hybrid car chargers that don’t compromise performance. With the world transitioning towards electric vehicles at an increasingly rapid rate, there is an accelerating demand for accessible charging infrastructure. evec offers an affordable EV charging solution to target everyone from entry-level to luxury electric vehicle owners.

Andersen A2 - Premium Home Charger

The Andersen A2 is for those with properties that require a more aesthetically pleasing addition to the home. Andersen offer over 120 combinations of colour and finish, ensuring that the charge point perfectly matches the look of the property.

Featuring a unique hidden cable and connector, this charge point offers all the ease of use of a tethered charge point with the neatness of a socketed one.  Brushes on the side of the charge point clean the cable every time you charge your car, and a neat courtesy light makes charging at night even easier.

The Andersen A2’s beauty is more than skin deep, as well – solar functionality means it will enable you to charge your car from the sun, and the easy-to-use scheduling feature makes it simple to save money and carbon with low-cost energy tariffs.

Quality is a key focus, with the Andersen A2 built in Britain.  Should you need an installation service, Andersen’s in-house team can help, with the UK’s only nationwide team of EV-driving installers.

The Andersen A2 is proof that a charge point doesn’t have to be an ugly addition to your house – charge in style!

INDRA Charging

Indra was founded on a mission to create the smartest way to power EVs, through intelligent EV chargers that are easy to understand, install and use. Made in the UK and already installed in over 4,000 home and commercial locations worldwide, Indra has created a range of innovative EV Chargers that offer more convenient, reliable and faster EV Charging capability.

Pod Point Solo

Pod Point are a very popular charging brand, and their Solo home charge point has a great reputation for reliability. They also have their own in-house installer teams, and seek to offer a high standard of service, as well as installation and product quality. It comes complete with an app you can use to manage and schedule your charging. It comes complete with a 3-year warranty, that can be extended to 5 – a testament to the reliability and quality of this product.

Zappi - Smart Home Charger for Solar

The Zappi is a perfect choice if you have a home Solar PV system.

In many ways, Zappi works just like a regular EV charger. Where Zappi stands out is its ability to integrate with grid-tied microgeneration systems, such as wind or solar PV generation. Zappi comes with two special modes that allow charging to be automatically adjusted in response to on-site power generation and household consumption. In ECO mode, charging power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in solar/wind production and household consumption. Zappi will ensure that your electric car gets fully charged, drawing power from the grid if necessary. In ECO+ mode, charge power is adjusted continuously just like ECO mode. The difference with ECO+ is that Zappi will pause charging if too much power is being drawn from the grid. This ensures that charging is as cheap and green as possible, even if this extends charging time.

The Zappi can be installed without the need for solar or wind, where it will work just like any other Fast charger, but will allow you to seamlessly add solar in the future.

Complete with its smart app this is a really great UK product.

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