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Drive Green New EV Package

Unlike other new car providers, we can offer you not only a great deal but also all the help and support you need to not only choose the right car for you but to make sure you know everything you need to know in order to make your move to electric driving as easy and enjoyable as possible.

‘Our new car package includes ongoing support and everything you need to get you electric driving totally seamlessly.’

Not only can we give you all the info you need to choose the right car, we can also assist in making sure you know all you need to know about your new car, and we can even arrange a handover and training session at our amazing Somerset EV centre. If you don’t wish to come to the Somerset site, we have our very own exclusive handover videos, designed to help get you started with your new car.

Service and Support

Our service and support package doesn’t stop there. We are always on hand for help and advice and will make sure you know all you need to know about public charging and living with your eV. We can also arrange for the installation of your home charge point and can provide you with cables to ensure that you can charge your car at home, and out and about from day one.

‘You can be assured of the very best finance deal to accompany the very best service package for your new car.’

Our service level is unique to us and is what makes Drive Green the very best place to buy your new electric car.

Our new car package includes

  • Arranging the very best value finance deal for your new car
  • Arranging the delivery of your new car to your door
  • You will receive a Drive Green membership card which will mean you can claim lots of discounts at a growing number of green or EV related businesses
  • 6 months free charging with the Polar Plus network, and £30 free credit with Instavolt
  • We will arrange the installation of your new home charge point
  • We will provide you with all the charging leads you will require
  • All new cars come with a Drive Green electric car handover
  • We will explain all you need to know about public charging
  • We will always be on hand to assist with any future questions or issues you might have with your new car, or with public charging.
  • We will keep you closely informed of the progress of your new car order

Buying a new car through Drive Green

When you buy a new car through Drive Green we will ensure that the transition is completely seamless and we will make sure get the most out of your new car and that you have the peace of mind of having all the ongoing support you might need.

‘Our Electric Car Membership and Care Package is included with all our new car purchases.’

Our electric car care package is included within the finance cost for your new car and includes 2 years of free support.

‘With Drive Green, you will have everything you need to get electric driving included in your new car package.’

We can also arrange for your charge point installation for you, which can even be included in the cost of your car and its finance package.

With Drive Green, you will have everything you need to get electric driving included in your new car package.

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