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eo Mini Home Charger Review

As we spend more time promoting electric cars, we find our friends and family become drawn to the benefits of green transport. I find that everyone around me wants an electric car now! Naturally, when it came time to replace my mum’s car, she went for an EV.

Time to install a chargepoint

After deciding to purchase a used electric car from Drive Green, we thought it was time to get prepared by installing a home charge point. We discussed costs and options and I think she was quite impressed with some of the installation costs. Many full installs are under £400, after the support of the government’s OLEV grant.

There are plenty of options available in the Drive Green charge point brochure. After a bit of discussion, my mum decided to go for the fantastic mini fast charger from EO Charging. The charger was easy to install with only a 3-meter cable run from the fusebox and easy mounting the eo mini was fitted in around one hour. Just in time for me to have a quick top-up.

Why the eoMini

The eo Mini was the logical choice for my mum as she wanted a discrete, simple charger to fit in next to an existing plug. The eo Mini is the smallest home charger currently available and can be fitted into any nook or cranny available. Her other specification was that she didn’t want anything “clever” or fancy; she just wanted to plug her car in and start charging.

For these requirements the eo Mini is perfect. It has one simple LED light to signal power, charging, and faults. That is all it needs. Just plug and go. The instructions from eo sum up it’s simplicity perfectly.

Testing out the eo Mini

After a quick, clean install and a read of the shortest ever instruction booklet it was time to plug in their Leaf and test it out. A quick blast at 7kW fast charge and I had plenty of juice to get home.

This was our first install with the eo Mini and we are really happy with the results. You can read more about our home charge point options in our electric car home charge point guide and get in contact with us for any more information regarding our time with the eoMini.

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