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Charging at Work

Electric cars are designed to perform well on the commute. If you are able to charge at work then there are many more benefits to enjoy.

  • Commute further without range issues
  • Reduce the costs of charging at home, and charge at work for free
  • Help your employer meet their green targets
  • Always be ready to go with a full charge

Recharge At Work

Many employees find that their employer is very cooperative when it comes to charging at work. Standard three-pin sockets are often accessible and able to fully recharge an EV during a standard workday.

There are government grants to help incentivise the installation of workplace charge points. This is something you may wish to discuss with your employer if regularly commuting by EV.

We are able to help advise employers and businesses on the benefits of Charge point installation, as well as helping to arrange for their installation through our charge point installers.

If you park in a public car park when you got to work, most public car parks now offer free electric vehicle charging in special reserved EV parking spots. Charging typically is included free as part of your parking fee – amazing.

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