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MyEnergi – Zappi

zappi - The nation’s favourite intelligent EV charger.

Building the modern eco-home usually begins with finding the right EV charger. Voted Britain’s best home EV charger* zappi makes charging your EV at home easy. Save money and charge your EV up when energy prices are down and customize charging to fit your lifestyle, whether that’s fast charging from the grid or using 100% renewable energy for those with solar.

*Voted Autotrader’s Best Home EV Charger 2023 by 200,000 Brits

Charge Scheduling – Set the time on when you want your vehicle to charge.

Tariff Integration – Cheapest charging with tariff integration, savings of up to £800 a year.

App Control – Control and monitor usage with the myenergi app.

Solar charging – Solar and battery compatible, making charging even cheaper.

Wi-fi enabled – Wi-fi or Ethernet connected, no SIM card costs.

Installation made easy – Manufacturer-provided, high-quality installations and helpline for seamless use of your new home charger.

The Technical Bit

Rated Power – 7kW (1-ph) or 22kW (3-ph)

Rated Supply Voltage – 230V AC Single Phase or 400V AC 3-phase (+/- 10%)

Supply Frequency – 50 Hz

zappi EV charger comes with a 3 year warranty.


True Energy Independence

The only charger that seamlessly integrates with your whole home energy eco system, working with your solar panels, home battery, heat pump and energy tariff, for true energy independence. 

Get true energy independence with the myenergi ecosystem.

Transform your home into the ultimate eco-smart home with myenergi.

The sun is the largest and most potent power source, generously beaming its rays upon us each day, offering an entirely cost-free energy supply.

Despite this abundance, we persist in giving our well-earned money away to companies that burn substances, contributing to carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Why not use that money to build your own power station?

Heat your home using solar

The myenergi eddi uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor solar performance and your energy consumption allowing you to divert any energy the property isn’t using, into heating your home. 

This means that surplus power can always be used in the best way – heating your water with solar ready for when you need it most.

Store your energy for a rainy day

libbi, is a cutting-edge home battery storage system by myenergi, empowering you to store electricity efficiently for optimal usage. Seamlessly integrated with other myenergi devices, libbi maximizes surplus solar energy capture and offers modular design, with each module storing up to 5kWh, allowing for customizable storage solutions of up to 20kWh.

Manage and monitor your energy from anywhere.

The myenergi app allows you to Manage your energy by setting timers and using boost functions, Maximise your energy by prioritising your use of grid or renewable energy and Monitor grid import and export, solar generation and battery storage information all in one place.