Solar, Storage and Smart EV Charger Packages

Making Renewable Power for your Home Affordable

In a bid to make renewables ownership easier and more affordable for our customers, Drive Green now offer a  high-quality EV Charger plus Solar PV and battery storage systems as an easy combined package to accompany your EV.

“Simple and affordable free green energy for your home and EV”

When you combine EV ownership with charging from your own produced solar energy you are making driving as green as it could possibly be, with the added benefit of massively reducing car charging costs (as well as reducing your household energy bills.)

Full Package available on 0% finance and with 5% discount when added to your EV purchase*

  • Large 6kW system with Tesla Powerwall among the options available
  • Cost neutral with over £200 in monthly savings in fuel and energy*
  • Pay monthly alongside your car’s finance
  • Simple online estimation and quoting tool 
  • Fully bespoke systems to suit your home and your budget
  • Tier 1 products as standard

“Our Solar and Charging packages can be cost neutral if purchased with an EV”*

After working in the renewables sector for many years before setting up Drive Green, I have long been frustrated by the lack of uptake of renewable tech by the vast majority of households.  The main blocker appears to be consumer perception of cost and the affordability of installing such systems.

“Now so many people are switching to driving an EV the affordability arguments for solar pv systems are now even more convincing, due to the available savings on fuel.”

When it comes to assessing the affordability of our combined renewables and car charging package, when you own an EV, it not only includes the savings you make in terms of reduced household energy costs, but also the massive savings that are achievable from smart charging your EV, compared to fueling a traditional petrol or diesel car.

When you couple this with the fact that many new cars are purchased on finance (due to affordability issues, as just like a solar PV system, a car is a substantial investment), I think this presents a huge opportunity to increase domestic renewables installations for EV owners, who are already used to using finance to make large investment style purchases when they buy a new car.

“Affordable monthly payments can now not only get you a high quality 260 mile range EV, but also a Tier one solar panel system, a Tesla Powerwall home battery, and a smart home charge point.”*

As a result we have decided to help align solar PV installation with EV purchases, as a means to make such an investment more affordable and approachable to car buyers.

Further to our hard work to make this possible for our customers, you can now as a result buy a solar PV system, with battery storage and your EV charge point as a package on finance as a simple add on to your EV purchase from Drive Green.

Industry First

This is a big industry first, that means you can now buy your complete green energy car charging solution in a simple and affordable package as part of your EV purchase.

It is my hope that we can help show the way to the rest of the renewable sector, to encourage them to also offer green tech installation in a manner that is both simple and affordable to consumers, as increasing sustainability has always been the core to our mission at Drive Green.

“When you factor in savings, buying a combined green charging package from Drive Green, it can actually be cost neutral, saving you over £200pcm in fuel and home energy.”*

Drive Green has teamed up with Egg Energy to be able to provide these packages.  These can be bespoke you your property and budget, to be of the right size, include battery storage if desired, and to choose systems that suit a variety of budgets.

For the reasons of quality, and futureproofing our primary goto package is a Tier 1 solar pv system combined with a Tesla Powerwall and an Indra smart tariff integrated charger.

Our Tier 1 Solar PV + Battery Storage + Smart Charger Package

  • Solar Panel System (large 6kW System)
  • 14 x 430W LONGi panels
  • Including Solar Edge panel power optimizers
  • Solar Edge 6kW HD wave inverter
  • Tesla PowerWall 2 with gateway Battery Storage (large 13.5kWh)
  • Smart Charger – Indra Smart Pro

Cost £13849 installed / payable monthly

Estimated Energy savings £1247 pa / £105pcm (using MCS methodology)*

Estimated fuel savings £1372 / £110 pcm based upon smart tariff charging compared to fuel on a typical family petrol or diesel car.*

Representative Example

So if you consider the above system, and you purchase  it alongside a top spec 3 year old Kia E-Niro 4+, all of which are being paid monthly, the EV will cost approx. £300pcm, and the additional solar and charging package will cost another £200- £1000 pcm approx (depending on the payment term and whether an 0% interest option is selected), but combining the 2 will save you over £200 pcm*


EV: Kia E-Niro 4+ 3 years old, 28k miles on a 48month PCP @10.9% apr doing 10k miles pa and with a £2000 deposit = £285pcm

FUEL: Smart charging on OVO Charge Anytime tariff, based on 10k miles pa can save £1373 pa / £115pcm, compared to fuel in a Seat Alta 1.5TSI example. Smart charger cost = £33pcm

SOLAR: 6kW Solar Edge PV system + Tesla PowerWall, est £1247pa/ £104pcm in home energy savings (using MCS calculation.) Total system cost £13849 / £168pcm based on 10 year finance @7.9% apr.

The performance of a solar PV and battery storage system is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability in the amount of solar radiation (sunlight) from location to location and from year to year. This estimate is based upon the Government’s standard assessment procedure for energy rating of buildings (SAP) and is given as guidance only. It should not be considered as a guarantee of performance.  The same is true of the predicted savings from smart car charging as this will be effected by the efficiency of the ev concerned, the fuel economy of vehicle to which the comparison is being drawn, as well as the charging times and tariff.  All figures for performance and savings are estimates for guidance only.  The monthly payment cost used in this representative example is again used for guidance, and the actual rate will vary according to the car purchased, your credit rating, and the period of the loan and the deposit placed.  All figures here are for guidance only.

PLEASE NOTE: all prices, figures, and offers are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change and alteration at any time. Please verify any offers with the Drive Green Team. Thank you

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February 27, 2024

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