Drive Green

Using Solar Energy to Power your Car


Driving an Electric Car is about driving greener, with a lower carbon footprint and lower financial running costs. In our opinion, electric vehicles deserve their place alongside all the other green technologies. They offer us an incredible opportunity to decrease our carbon and particulate emissions.

Using a Solar PV System

By charging your car from your own Solar PV system integrated into your home, you can save even more money on your driving costs. Further reducing your carbon footprint, by using your own produced 100% green, solar energy. This makes a solar panel system for your home, the ideal accessory to accompany your electric car.

“A Solar PV Panel system will give you completely green and sustainable electric power that can power your home as well as charging your EV free of any cost”

Generating your own Electricity

By moving to an electric car, you are already taking a positive step towards a greener low carbon lifestyle. Even using conventional fossil-fuel generated grid power, your carbon emissions are vastly reduced.

However generating your own electricity, from your own Solar PV panel array, you will minimise your impact still further. A Solar PV Panel system will give you a completely green and sustainable electric power source, that can power your home as well as charging your EV free of any cost.

Even in the UK it is possible to produce enough power from even a standard domestic sized solar pv system, to both power your home, as well as providing the energy required to fuel your car.

A Typical Solar Electric Car Charging Example

A typical EV (a Nissan Leaf for example) will achieve roughly 4 miles of driving from 1kWh of charge.

A typical 5kW south facing solar pv system produces an average of 18kWh of solar energy per day March to October.

The typical uk home that cooks with an electric stove consumes 9kWh of electricity per day on average. That leaves 9kW of spare solar pv production that can be used to charge your car – that is the equivalent of 36 miles of driving per day (or 13,000 miles pa) plenty for the average daily commute.

“A 5kW Solar Energy PV system is capable of providing all the electricity to both power the average UK home and run a car 36 miles a day from March to October”