Extended Battery Warranties

We can now offer EV extended battery health warranties to help reassure customers concerned about the long-term battery health of their used EVs. We are official resellers of the new Everity warranties, which have been designed to help build confidence in used EVs.

You may be concerned about the battery range and battery or powertrain component replacements during your ownership and the potentially high costs that may come with it. If that is the case the Extended EV Battery Warranties offers a real solution. 

If you are concerned about long term EV battery health, our extended battery warranties are the solution

There are 3 levels of extended battery warranty available, to suit the different degrees of consumer concerns and the age of the vehicle. The cover ranges from a basic cover that pays out a fixed sum, should your battery health decline past a certain point, to a warranty that can offer repairs or replacement batteries when they decline and EV related powertrain components if they fail, dependent on the warranty plan that you purchase*. 

* The level of Warranty cover available is determined by the mandatory Battery Health test results that we can perform on site at Drive Green.


Covering the cost of replacing or repairing your cars traction battery back to 100% State of Health, up to the invoice price if taken out at the point of purchasing your car, or up to the market value of your car if taken up independently. 

• Available on any car where battery health is a minimum of 90% 

• Runs in parallel with the manufacturer’s warranty 

• Triggered at an earlier battery degradation point than the manufacturer’s warranty, of: 80% on a 12-month cover 75% on a 24-month cover 

• Cover continues post-manufacturer warranty (terms apply) 


This is idea for the older used EV’s and incorporates the features and benefits of the Enhanced State of Health warranty and extending to cover the cost of replacing powertrain components up to 200,000 miles. 

• Available on any car where battery health is a minimum of 78% for 12-months, 84% for 24- months, and 92% for 36-month warranties 

• Triggered at a battery degradation point of 70% 

• Powertrain components covered include: 

  • Motor (s) 
  • Reduction Gear 
  • Charger – Box Interconnection 
  • EV Controller Inverter 
  • ACDC Converter 
  • Regenerative braking system 


Providing a fixed settlement towards the cost of repair or replacement of your battery, dependent on the level of cover taken up. This is a great low-cost warranty option that is there to provide extra piece of mind.

• Available on any car where battery health is a minimum of 80% 

• Battery Degradation of 8% or more over a 12-month period 

• Provides a fixed payment of £2,500 or £5,000

*Battery testing at the start of your policy is included free of charge when you take out a policy.  Subsequent or annual battery tests with incur an additional testing charge

EV Cover Available

Sleep Easy Warranty – Pays out a fixed sum on any EV with greater than 8% degradation in a 12 month period. Great for extra piece of mind on EVs up to 7 years old

Enhanced Battery State of Health Warranty – Battery warranty to cover the complete replacement or repair cost triggered at 80% or 75% SOH. Extra cover and earlier trigger battery warranty for vehicles up to 7 years old

Extended Battery Health Warranty – Battery warranty payment is triggered at 70% SOH and includes EV parts cover up to 200k miles.  Idea cover older EVs up to 10 years old with cover up to 12 years of age.